Desert Sky Fireworks.

Desert Sky Fire Works is your neighborhood fireworks tent. We sale the best fireworks. Only the best fireworks from around the world. The greatest selection of fireworks with great prices. Besides that, we are Locally owned
and manged by local family’s and non-profit organizations.

We are a people company. Desert Sky Fireworks is Arizona’s premier consumer fireworks retailer. Founded over 10 years ago. Moreover, Desert Sky Fireworks is growing faster than ever with over twenty locations in Arizona.

Desert Sky Fireworks Brands

Desert Sky Fireworks has the most popular brands of fireworks. We sale Black Cat , Panda , Shogun fireworks and many more brands. Additionally, you can see the fireworks before you buy them. Unlike our corporate competitors. In fact, We have videos of all the fireworks.

It should be noted, We only sale Arizona Legal fireworks.